Headlight Restoring Saver
Headlight Restoring Saver
Headlight Restoring Saver
Headlight Restoring Saver
Headlight Restoring Saver
Headlight Restoring Saver

Headlight Restoring Saver

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Looking for a quick but guaranteed fix for your dull headlight lenses?

Introducing our Headlight Restoring Saver, the easiest yet the longest lasting cleaning agent that can clean off and bring your headlights back to life in 2 minutes!

Providing visible results with shining slick finish of headlights, this ready-to-use cleaner can be easily applied. Formulated with safe and fast-acting materials, it is in strong cleaning ability without causing degradation to headlight such as heavy oxidation, cloudiness, and yellowing while delivering crystal clear results.

Proven to improve the appearance and performance of your headlight lens, making it even brighter on the road at night. Keep your way clearer and driving view safer. Save that money in buying new headlight lenses and do this yourself instead!

  • Easy Application :
    Quick and easy to use simply with a spray and a wipe, works on car lights renovation and new car lights protection in just 2 minutes

  • Optical Grade Clarity :
    A durable sealant that virtually disappears into the surface, delivering long-lasting superior optical clarity and a high shine slick finish.

  • All-Round Headlight Protection :
    Protects your headlight against sun staining and water spots, repair scratches, anti-static,anti-acid rain, glazing, anti-ultraviolet,anti-wear, anti-high temperature, and anti-oxidation, keep your car away from yellowing, blur, oxidation, and scratches.

  • High Quality & Lasting Effect :
    After use, the headlights of the car can maintain a long-lasting high shine slick finish up to 3 months
  • Safe and Reliable :
    Environment friendly and pollution-free formula, efficient but no degradation, harm and damage to your headlight

  • No Residues Left Behind :
    No rinsing or removal after applying the cleaning agent 
  • One Cleaner Fits All :
    Perfect for all car headlights renovation and new car lights protection

  • Capacity: 30ML
  • Coating Thickness: 30um
  • Type: Car liquid ceramic coat
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
  • Anti-corrosion PH tolerance: PH2-12
  • 1pc x Headlight Restoring Saver