Organic Tag Solution Serum
Organic Tag Solution Serum
Organic Tag Solution Serum
Organic Tag Solution Serum
Organic Tag Solution Serum

Organic Tag Solution Serum

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Lets see our happy customers' painless wart and skin tag removal in A Month!


Week 1:

In the last three years, I’ve developed facial skin cancer and even plenty of moles and warts out of noweher that it needs to be either surgically removed or frozen off. As a result, itgives me depressing feeling. ’m not overly fussy, but my dermatologist strongly urged me to take better care of my skin. I tried this and after a day I notice a slight change and another one on the second! so I decided to try this product regularly now.
Week 2:

I like that the serum isn't sticky. It absorbs into the skin quickly, and you can see the moisture it gives the skin. It leaves the skin soft and well hydrated. The warts and moles are gradually erasing and I am so loving this serum!!!  It absorbs fast and adds hydration as what they say and proved as I continue to use it.
Week 4:

I must admit, I will never stop using this anymore. product seems to have a longer lasting effect than other products. It's nice to look in the mirror in the morning and not see those neck moles anymore. It definitely giving back my confidence. . It provides the skin with a healthy sheen that's primed for further moisturizing if you so wish. I like how it plumps up and smooths skin. Thank you very much and will buy again many more of this!

Tested and scientifically proportioned to attain the best effect on any type of skin, effective to be no bleed, irritation, and dryness. Can minimally release serum and eliminate spots without leaving any scars, making a flawless look and glow!
Clinically approved to serve as face serum:
Natural herbal plant extracts, ground and extracted.

-FDA approve and clinically tested

**The treatment Duration varies with the individual ** -55% customers are good within Trial Pack

- (Highly Recommend For 2-months Pack if you are FIRST-TIME USER)


“This is a super nice serum that has no scent.
This serum is very soothing and moisturizing, spreads easily and absorbs readily providing lasting moisture for my dry skin, no excessive tackiness either. Nonirritating, with a pleasant barely there light scent. The price is very reasonable with quality ingredients. I was so happy my mole was permanently gone! It was a hindrance for me even if its small. Works well and one dropper is enough to cover my face and remove it” – Paula O.

“This is an unscented serum which goes on smoothly and evenly. It doesn't leave a thick sticky feeling behind like many other serums.  I've had so many compliments on my skin adn not to mention no more moles since starting to use it. And love that it's organic, and natural! It also seems to give my skin a glow that I have not experienced with other products. Love it!.” – Tina C.

“Great for a day after the sun. I have been using this moisturizer for One month now. The product has a very natural smell, and my face,neck and chest are where I apply it. My skin has become addicted to it. My rashes and scars are healed thanks to these. After 8 or 9 hours my skin is asking for more. There is something in this product that tightens my pores, reduces the age related bumps on my forehead and truly makes me So happy, thank you!” – Railey G.

“I can't say enough good things about this product, it's GREAT!! I think I even use an extra pump on top of the recommended usage guidline, and the bottle lasts me a long time. I'm in the high-desert CO sun all summer long to worsen it my scar on my back leaves for like a forever scar. This lotion helps to even out my skin, and has actually repaired a bit of sun damage adn not to mention remove in a thinner appearance my scar. I highly recommend this product!” – Proncess K.

Consist of 2 Key Ingredients For skin tag removal:
  1. Sophora Flavescens
    In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Sophora flavescens has been used extensively, mainly in combination with other medicinal plants in prescriptions to treat fever, dysentery, hematochezia, jaundice, oliguria, vulvar swelling, asthma, eczema, inflammatory disorders, ulcers and diseases associated with skin burns


--Reference:  Research Blog. : Light Yellow Sophora Root | Root of Sophora flavescens Ait. |  Ku Shen | 苦参 : Grocery & Gourmet Food
  2. Cortex Pseudolaricis
    Cortex pseudolaricis, the root bark of Pseudolarix kaempferi Gord, has been used to treat tinea and other skin diseases for the antimicrobial activities in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 


--Reference:  Research Blog.
    Cortex Pseudolaricis - TCM Herbs - TCM Wiki
• Spot Purifying Serum for a Flawless Beauty
Makes a  painless and non-surgical scar removal and skin spots pigmentation, scientifically proven for best effect on dry, sensitive, normal, acne-skin, and so on.

Effective Wart Remover 
Will help you gently remove warts on feet, fingers, hands, toes, and skin with maximum strength and safe salicylic acid.

• Intensive Hydrating to Eliminate Blemishes
Combined with natural herbal plant extracts,  that can heal and remove breakouts. Ideal for removing moles, warts, skin tags, skin marks, skin spots, freckles
• Skin Compatibility: Skin Type: All Skin Type
• Net Content: 12 ml
• Ingredients: Sophora Flavescens, Cortex Pseudolaricis, Folium Isatidis, Menthol


• 1 PC x Organic Tag Solution Serum