EXPERT Professional Treatment Gel with New Zealand Bee Venom
EXPERT Professional Treatment Gel with New Zealand Bee Venom
EXPERT Professional Treatment Gel with New Zealand Bee Venom
EXPERT Professional Treatment Gel with New Zealand Bee Venom
EXPERT Professional Treatment Gel with New Zealand Bee Venom
EXPERT Professional Treatment Gel with New Zealand Bee Venom

EXPERT Professional Treatment Gel with New Zealand Bee Venom

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See what our customers have to say and join the 1,000+ patients treating arthritis today.

John is a 54 year old man who has been diagnosed with arthritis. He struggled with reduced mobility and joint pain. He tried different over-the-counter medications, but nothing seemed to work. It was then that he heard about this extraordinary gel.

"A few years ago I was diagnosed with arthritis and since then I have struggled with limited mobility and pain in my joints. I tried different over-the-counter medications but none seemed to help. "help. That's when I heard about this amazing gel. I decided to try it and within a few weeks I noticed a reduction in pain and swelling. After a month of Using the cream, I was able to move more freely and even resume some physical activities that I had abandoned due to my condition. I am so grateful to have found EXPERT Professional Bee Venom Treatment Gel from New Zealand. It has made such a difference to my life and I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from arthritis or osteoporosis." - John Smith, 2950 Middleville Road, Los Angeles, USA 

"Suffering from severe cervical spondylitis cysts for years without comprehensive treatment, I spent a lot of money in the hospital without any resolution. Feeling hopeless, I found EXPERT Professional Bee Venom Treatment Gel from New Zealand and decided to try it. Applying it 2-3 times a day I felt rapid penetration and pain relief. After 2 weeks my cysts had become much smaller. After 6 weeks, I was finally free of my demons and I found hope in life. This product has changed my life."-  Isabelle Simpson, 5th Avenue New York, USA ‼️ The dangers of joint diseases:

Orthopedic diseases can be caused by a variety of factors, including age-related degeneration, overuse or injury, genetics, and certain diseases such as diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis. Poor posture, poor diet, and certain types of work or sports can also increase the risk of developing an orthopedic condition.

According to statistics, 35% of the population in the United States and Europe suffers from joint problems, with varying degrees of joint problems occurring in one in five people. Milder cases include arthritis, rheumatism and gout, with symptoms such as pain, stiffness, swelling, difficulty moving, fatigue and loss of range of motion. Severe cases can lead to joint deformities, fever, and severe joint pain, which can lead to long-term pain and disability. In extreme cases, orthopedic diseases can even lead to life-threatening complications. EXPERT Professional Bee Venom Treatment Gel from New Zealand is renowned for its effectiveness in treating a wide range of orthopedic conditions.

May relieve and treat osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, osteoporosis, gout, carpal tunnel syndrome, ligament sprains and strains, bunions, tennis elbow and cysts.

Characteristics of bee venom
Bee venom is a kind of venom secreted by bees, which contains a variety of biologically active substances.
  1. The main component of bee venom is melittin, a biologically active protein secreted by the needle glands of bees. It has a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, which can effectively relieve pain and swelling related to arthritis.
  2. Bee venom also contains enzymes, amino acids, sugars, lipids, vitamins, etc. These ingredients also have a certain effect on repairing joint tissues, improving joint elasticity and mobility.
  3. Kininase and phospholipase A2 in bee venom can promote blood circulation and increase the nutrient supply of joint tissues, thereby promoting joint repair and regeneration.
  4. Melittin contained in bee venom has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, which can reduce the inflammatory response of arthritis, thereby reducing pain and swelling in the joints and improving their mobility.
  5. In addition to being anti-inflammatory, relieving pain and promoting blood circulation, bee venom also has antibacterial and antitumor effects.
    Cardiovascular protection, beauty and anti-aging effects

All ingredients are derived from natural plants and bee venom, cruelty-free.

Bee Venom Filtrate : Bee venom is the venom of New Zealand bees. This is a method of stimulating bees to release bee venom through ether anesthesia. It does not harm life. The main component of the bee venom filter is melittin, a biologically active protein that has powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and can effectively relieve pain and swelling associated with arthritis. In addition, it also contains a variety of other ingredients, such as enzymes, amino acids, sugars, lipids and vitamins, etc. These ingredients also have a certain effect on repairing joint tissues, improving joint elasticity and mobility.

Catechin : extracted from green tea, it has various biological activities such as anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation and anti-tumor. It can inhibit the onset and development of arthritis. A study in rats showed that catechin can reduce pain and swelling associated with arthritis and may decrease levels of inflammatory mediators. Additionally, another human study found that the use of catechin extracts significantly improved pain and quality of life in people with arthritis.

Omega-3 fatty acids : Extracted from fish oil and vegetable oil, they have anti-inflammatory effects and can reduce inflammation and pain caused by arthritis. A study in patients with rheumatoid arthritis showed that supplementing with daily high doses of omega-3 fatty acids significantly reduced pain and swelling. Another study of osteoarthritis patients also showed that omega-3 fatty acids significantly improved joint pain and quality of life.

Polysaccharides : Extracted from aloe vera, some studies have shown that polysaccharides may have certain anti-inflammatory and immune regulating effects, and there is also research on the treatment of arthritis. For example, a study published in the "Chinese Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences" showed that polysaccharides have significant anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects on experimental arthritic mice and can reduce inflammation and pain in arthritic mice. Another study published in the "Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine" also showed that polysaccharides can reduce joint swelling and inflammation in rats with arthritis and improve joint function.

Curcumin : Extracted from turmeric. Studies have shown that curcumin has certain biological activities such as anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation and anti-tumor, and it can be used to treat various diseases, including arthritis. It can reduce inflammation and pain caused by arthritis by inhibiting the production and activation of inflammatory factors. In addition, curcumin can also regulate the function of the immune system, improve the body's immunity and thus fight diseases such as arthritis.

Vitamin D : Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for the human body. Its main function is to maintain the balance between calcium and phosphorus and promote bone health. Research in recent years has shown that supplementing with vitamin D can help increase blood calcium and phosphorus levels, which supports bone health. At the same time, vitamin D can also inhibit the occurrence of inflammatory reactions and reduce the symptoms of inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.

Originally only available in clinics

Some of my seniors have used it and seen positive improvements. This alternative can save you more than $3,000 compared to expensive surgical treatment.

  • Eliminate edema
  • reduce joint pain
  • Joints can move freely
  • Eliminate joint inflammation

That's why EXPERT Professional New Zealand Bee Venom Treatment Gel is special

  • Relieve arthritis pain
  • Eliminates joint inflammation
  • Eliminates cysts and edema
  • Promotes joint tissue repair
  • Improves joint elasticity and mobility
  • Promotes joint repair and regeneration
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • no side effects
  • Can be used day or night
  • Effective in a single application
  • Clinical medical research centers have proven its effectiveness.
  • Developed and produced in FDA-approved laboratories in the United States.
  • Does not contain any harmful ingredients.
  • Cruelty free.
  • Recommended by experts in orthopedic medicine.

The effect of using five weeks

Jennifer Betz: "After years of suffering from rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, I am delighted to find that its treatment is so simple and straightforward. It has been such a relief to be able to find an effective way to manage my disease and this gave me a new sense of hope and freedom."

"At first, my hallux valgus wasn't too serious and I didn't pay attention to it. But over time, my feet started to swell and hurt more and more often, and the joints became eventually diagnosed with arthritis and had to begin various treatments, but none were lasting. The pain was unbearable until I discovered EXPERT Professional Bee Venom Treatment Gel from New Zealand

After just a week of using the gel, I could already feel the difference. My feet were warm, blood circulation was rapid and the swelling was starting to go down. After four weeks of use, the joint inflammation and pain were gone, my bones were healthy, and the deformed joints had returned to their original shape. I was so relieved to have found something that really worked, and I was determined to tell everyone I knew about this orthopedic superstar." -  Nina, 43, Denver, Colorado. How to use it ?

  1. Start by washing and drying your affected area.
  2. Apply a generous amount of EXPERT New Zealand Bee Venom Professional Treatment Gel to the affected area.
  3. Massage the cream into the skin until it is absorbed.
  4. Let the cream stay on the skin for at least 15 minutes.
  5. Repeat the process two to three times daily for best results.
  6. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after each application.

Does our bee venom filtrate come from killing or harming bees?

It doesn't appear that they are being killed or harmed because we are using new technology to obtain bee venom without harming the bees. Ether is used to anesthetize the nerves of bees. When bees inhale enough ether vapor, they spit out honey and expel poison. When the ether disappears, the bees fly away. This process is considered humane and does no harm. After decades of cultivation and breeding in New Zealand, the high quality of bee venom can be guaranteed. The bees are raised in a 100% natural, hypoallergenic way, tested by orthopedists.

EXPERT Professional Bee Venom Treatment Gel (1Bottle )