Imperial Ginger™ Natural Ginger Hair Growth Oil

Imperial Ginger™ Natural Ginger Hair Growth Oil

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Royal Ginger Awesome Benefits:

✔️ Improves blood flow through the scalp that helps with hair growth

✔️ Accelerate hair growth and thickening by 40%. That's twice the growth in half the time

✔️ Revive scalp and follicles to prevent further thinning and promote growth

✔️ Powerful and immediate repair of current damaged hair

✔️ Made using 100% natural ingredient to prevent any irritation

✔️ Cost-efficient - never overspend on going to a dermatologist again

✔️  Volume: 30ml

How To Use:

Step 1: Drip 3 drops of ginger oil on the desired hair growth area

Step 2: Use your fingers to gently massage the scalp area for 2 minutes to aid the absorption of the oil into the root

Step 3: Perform the routine twice daily for best results