1-Press Sushi Roll Maker
1-Press Sushi Roll Maker
1-Press Sushi Roll Maker
1-Press Sushi Roll Maker
1-Press Sushi Roll Maker
1-Press Sushi Roll Maker

1-Press Sushi Roll Maker

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Here’s the secret to making perfect sushi! Instantly makes you into a sushi chef.
Load up the roll maker with sushi rice and your favorite fillings! Use the plunger rod to push perfect rolls and make perfectly round, bite size sushi every time!
A great time-saving gift for sushi lovers. It is EXTRA easy to use whether you are a novice or a seasoned sushi chef.
  • 💚Easiest Tool For Sushi Making
    Fill the Roller up with rice and put all kinds of ingredients there as your wish, close the Sushi Bazooka Roller halves and lock them in place, make sure to put the end cap and pack it all with the plunger. Finally, you have to plunge the rice through the tube onto a seaweed, wrap it up and you’ve got a delicious roll of sushi!
  • 💚 Safe Material
    All the materials of sushi bazooka are made of safe healthy food-grade plastic. Everything is as sanitized and hygienic as it gets! After being done with making tasty sushi, dismantle the pieces, and put them in the dishwasher.
  • 💚 Beginners' Friendly
    You will be able to make your own sushi with our One-Press Maker, and without too much effort.
  • 💚 Endless Fun
    Without a complicated Sushi Making kit, you could make sushi easily with our sushi machine. DIY your sushi, it's up to you to create your favorite combinations. Make an unusual dinner to impress your friends and families.
  • 💚A Great Gift Idea
    Everybody has that moment struggling to pick a gift. Sushi Maker Machine - Here is a solution! If you’re not satisfied, please reach out to us, we can help you to solve any problems. This is a fun Valentine’s Day gift, you can make a special romantic Japanese sushi dinner for your girlfriend or boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.
  • Material: PP
  • Size: 29.5 * 5 cm
  • Color: White
Package Includes:
One-Press Sushi Roll Maker x 1